Concentrate on customers, forget about I.T.

New cloud computing solution at Browne Craine & Co (“Browne Craine”) frees staff to focus on growing their business.

Based in Douglas, Isle of Man, Browne Craine is a respected and long-established Chartered Accountancy practice providing a range of accountancy, taxation, audit and business services to companies and individuals.

The 38 strong company is growing fast but an ageing IT infrastructure was becoming time consuming to maintain and restrictive when trying to work remotely. Senior Associate Jamie McKenna carries the responsibility for IT.

“We needed our IT systems to be high performing, reliable and scalable, however we were finding that as staff numbers increased additional standalone pc’s were becoming costly and as each had their own individual versions of software installed, running updates became problematic. Staff working away from the office were also encountering difficulties trying to connect to their computer remotely.”

Browne Craine had been using an on premise IT infrastructure supported by an external service provider, but the above led them to look for alternative options.

“We wanted a cost effective solution, giving all users instant access to the latest versions of software whilst also tightening controls and preventing the storage of data on individual machines. We also wanted to give users the freedom to work away from the office, with full access to their desktop anywhere with an internet connection. It was timely when we were introduced to Synapse360 and heard about their cloud computing solutions,” commented Jamie.

Synapse360 proposed a fully managed cloud computing solution that meant Browne Craine would access all their apps from a Tier 3, secure, Isle of Man data centre and they would not have to worry about maintaining their own infrastructure. The approach would be a big transformation for Browne Craine, but it also meant that they needed complete faith that the solution would work. Jamie added,

“The team at Synapse360 were very attentive; they listened carefully to our requirements and were able to demonstrate a viable solution within a short timeframe. We took up their offer to speak to existing customers and the feedback was very re-assuring. The migration process went smoothly too, we were kept informed every step of the way”.

“The new solution is up and running delivering a range of benefits. We have a fast and reliable connection, the latest office applications as well as access to all of our other software via Synapse for a fixed monthly fee. The platform is easily scalable in terms of performance and capacity and it also automatically backs up all data”.

“As part of the installation process we opted for the high speed 100MB connection. Staff are delighted with system performance and reliability and it has greatly reduced the number of IT related calls and queries that I had previously needed to deal with. The new platform also makes GDPR compliance easier,” said Jamie.

“The change to cloud has been a big step forwards for Browne Craine. We can continue to prioritise our customers whilst Synapse360 are focussing on keeping our IT running with no errors or outages. If you run a business and want a modern, effective IT solution, speak to Synapse360.”


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Synapse360 has over 19 years’ experience in infrastructure design and deployment. We are one the UK’s leading providers of converged infrastructure solutions and Synapse360 are fully accredited with Dell-EMC, VMware and Cisco.

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Since we engaged with Synapse360 we have found them to be very attentive and their advice and guidance has always been spot on.


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