Cloud platform enables IQE to focus on customers, not I.T.


IQE is an Isle of Man based professional services firm that offers corporate and trustee services, typically for international companies, family office clients and listed or quoted companies on recognised stock exchanges. IQE works closely with professional advisers to form structures that cover a wide range of activities such as land and property investments, IP holding, high value assets, listings and admissions as well as start up services.  IQE’s main office is on the Island, with IQE (Mauritius) Limited facing African and Indian business.


Moira McHarrie is Executive Director responsible for Risk and Compliance and Ralph McCormack is the Manager of Systems Development. Moira’s remit includes overseeing the company’s IT infrastructure.

“Three years ago we were running on-premise IT infrastructure, but an imminent office move and the deployment of a new Document Management System (DMS) presented us with an opportunity to review our approach to IT.” Moira said. “Our existing infrastructure didn’t have the capacity to run the new DMS without upgrade and we recognised that we needed an easily scalable infrastructure which was securely hosted and continually updated to keep our data safe. Our IT partner, Synapse360 suggested we looked at their cloud computing solutions as a more effective way of provisioning IT.”


The proposed solution was to host, monitor and fully support IQE’s data and apps in a secure Tier 3 accredited data centre on the Isle of Man. The benefits to IQE were many, the Synapse360 platform had the capability to run the DMS software today with capacity for future growth, so there was no need for further capital expenditure upgrading on-premise IT. Data protection would be placed under central control and Disaster Recovery could be easily and quickly deployed if needed. The solution also meant that IQE could free up time from managing the infrastructure and better focus on assisting customers.


“This was a big change for IQE”, said Ralph, “But we recognised we are a professional services business, not IT experts, so we opted for the cloud solution. After a short settling in period where configurations were honed, the service has run smoothly ever since.”


“It’s only when a service provider is tested that you can really judge just how well things are running.” Ralph commented. “We experienced a disconnection incident when we lost access to the cloud platform. Within five minutes Synapse360 had identified and fully resolved the immediate problem by invoking the alternative DR line capability to reconnect to the cloud. As it turned out another supplier had caused the problem, but Synapse360 had demonstrated real customer care, quickly getting us all back on-line, with absolutely minimal delay.  Prior to the cloud, our only option would have been to invoke a full DR plan and move select staff to Synapse360’s DR site.   Moving to the cloud was fully justified, based on this instance alone.”


“The cloud has worked out really well for us.” said Moira, “We can forget about managing the IT and focus on business development as everything is taken care of by Synapse360 who also provide comprehensive support. Their Foresight service identifies and resolves problems before they affect us, which is something we couldn’t have resourced internally. We’ve also reduced our risk, as we are now not reliant upon a single individual to maintain our infrastructure.”


Ralph added, “We no longer have the day-to-day burden of IT management or resource to worry about, which carries immense value for any business.  We have been freed up to concentrate on the development of systems and processes to meet our business needs, without the unnecessary distraction.”


Things have been running so smoothly that IQE have now signed up for a further 3 years on the Synapse360 cloud. Moira added, “The team at Synapse360 are always responsive and knowledgeable, we regularly pick their brains on how the latest developments in tech can help our business. They were able to guide us on how best to comply with the GDPR regulations and they appreciate that we are not all technically minded and talk to us in a language we can understand.”


Since moving to the cloud IQE have noticed improved levels of productivity as IT ‘just works’ and staff can easily work remotely by simply connecting via the cloud app from any device. Guest worker privileges also allow IQE to easily grant access to their systems for auditors where appropriate, whilst retaining the additional ability to restrict access to certain parts of the network for security purposes.


“The Synapse360 Cloud gives us predictable costs without capital outlay, easy scalability, less risk and proven DR capabilities.” said Ralph, “… and Synapse360 have been exemplary throughout, very customer focussed and very responsive, with no request being too small.”


“We’d certainly recommend the cloud as the way forward for smaller businesses on the Island, and in particular we’d highly recommend Synapse360 as the leader in their field” said Moira.


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Synapse360 has over 19 years’ experience in infrastructure design and deployment. We are one the UK’s leading providers of converged infrastructure solutions and Synapse360 are fully accredited with Dell-EMC, VMware and Cisco.

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Since we engaged with Synapse360 we have found them to be very attentive and their advice and guidance has always been spot on.


Steve Peary


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