The Synapse360  cloud platform provides an enterprise-grade alternative to consumer cloud services. The File Sync & Share service keeps document security in the control of the internal IT department. The solution allows organisations to set up file sync and share services for their users based on a trusted Isle of Man based cloud infrastructure. The File Sync & Share solution can be used for:

  • FTP alternative and large file transfer
  • Secure file access for BYOD users
  • Synchronization across devices
  • Synchronisation across sites/offices
  • Shared team workspaces
  • File syndication (one-to-many or few-to-many)

    Integration with Active Directory / LDAP

    Use your existing Active Directory or LDAP directory services for identity management and user authentication, avoiding duplicate directory services, ensuring rapid deployment and maintaining role-based access privileges. AD groups can also be leveraged to determine user privileges for setting up shared project folders

    Multiple Folder Synchronisation

    Access to the cloud is not always guaranteed and at times may be slow. With folder sync, user files are automatically synchronized between their PC or laptop and their cloud folder, keeping files accessible and maintaining version control.
    Our platform supports multi-folder sync, whereby any folder can be selected for synchronization either with a collaboration project folder or with a private cloud folder, with virtually no limit on the number of folders or their location.

Project Team Collaboration

  • The File Sync & Share solution allows users to set up joint cloud storage workspaces in the form of ‘cloud folders’ for collaborating with colleagues, including the following features:
  • Define read/write privileges and time-limited access
  • Bi-directional synchronisation of folders on their PCs with each other
  • One-way synchronization for file syndication
  • Conflict resolution in case of divergent file versions
  • Ad-hoc sharing using time-limited invitation URLs
  • Role-based privileges for allowing users to create shared project folders


Synapse360 has over 19 years’ experience in infrastructure design and deployment. We are one the UK’s leading providers of converged infrastructure solutions and Synapse360 are fully accredited with Dell-EMC, VMware and Cisco.

To start your infrastructure transformation, please contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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